Membership Process

1. Contact ABYC to receive a membership application

a. The membership director or front desk will be happy to answer any

of your questions or arrange a tour of the club.

b. Link to application will be sent to you.

2. Fill out application

a. You must have a current Regular Member sponsor you for

membership along with four additional membership recommendations.

b. The membership director can put you in touch with members if you do not currently know any.

3. Upon Membership Director’s receipt of member application, it is processed at the next Board of Directors meeting. If approved, applicant will be posted on the bulletin board near the main office and in the newsletter for 30 days.

a. Posting prospective members is to ensure that they are in good standing with the ABYC membership.

4. If the applicants posting completes the 30 days without negative reports from the ABYC membership, the application will be brought to the following Board of Directors meeting for membership approval.

5. If approved BOD, member will be sent an offer letter to join the ranks at ABYC.

Note: There is no obligation or financial commitments until you receive your membership offer letter. You may get through to the offer letter stage and decline membership if your situation has changed for some reason.